Our Company

Our Goal

We are focused on sustainable utilization of agricultural materials for products that benefit rural communities and consumers. Agricultural feedstocks, both dedicated crops and residues, provide key building blocks for an array of products. EcoSure’s core expertise is the development, production, and supply of agricultural feedstocks to feed its own manufacturing facility, producing high quality agricultural fibers and compostable products.

Our Efforts

We uses a variety of agricultural feedstocks through a sustainable and efficient process to extract valuable fiber and other components. These clean fibers are then used to manufacture products like towel, tissue, packaging board, and molded fiber food service wares. Genera produces non-wood market fiber for commercial sales. Additionally, we custom manufacture molded fiber products in-house.


To become a market leader in enhancing sustainable capacity-building for eco-friendly tableware and packaging products


To offer sustainable solutions that can replace single use disposable plastics with chemical free, environment friendly moulded fibre pulp products.



  • Mohit Kumar, MD & Chief Visionary Officer, India office
  • Kritika Tripathy, CEO & Co-Founder, India Office
  • Gunjan Saxena, Director Sales, India Office
  • Manas Dasgupta, GM- Sales South Asia, Kolkata, India
  • Robert Leslie, Country Sales, Africa & Middle Eas

Ecosure Competitive Edge

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Professional, qualified, and respectfully responsive
  • customised solutions
  • Affordable rates
  • Integrated Planning
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Functioning Goals
  • Sensitivity to the environment
  • Core Positioning
  • critically analysing
  • talents in communication
  • finding solutions

Pulp Molding Molds

As we are all aware, the accuracy with which pulp moulds are processed greatly affects the quality of items made from pulp. Therefore, a trustworthy assurance of the quality of moulded pulp products is provided by exquisite mould processing technology.

The industry for moulding paper pulp is still in its infancy. The design of the mould tray has no set pattern; it is wholly based on the depth of expertise. Since 2019, our business has been involved in the design of paper moulds and paper processing. We have a skilled team with extensive experience in mould design and processing. We guarantee the accuracy of die processing by utilising the most cutting-edge CAD-CAM computer design, CNC automatic CNC machine tool processing, and surface polishing treatment.

Additionally, we can manufacture any type of challenging and intricate mould. Customers around the world rely on us because of our excellent mould design and skilled processing

Molds samples


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